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Article Name Year Funded
Developing and Evaluating Social Networking Tools for Viticulture 2010
Developing Sustainable 'In-Row' Management Practices for Improving Weed Management and Soil Nitrogen Retention 2010
Development of Grower Performed LAMP PCR for Detection-Based Management Programs for Grapevine Powdery Mildew in Vineyards 2010
Durable Powdery Mildew Disease Resistance in Vitis Vinifera: Proof-of-Function and Discovery of Genetic Variation 2010
Enhancements to the National Grape Registry (NGR) Website 2010
Etiology and Detection of the Cause of Syrah Decline in Syrah Grapevine 2010
Evaluating the Effects of Sterile Filtration on the Sensory and Chemical Properties of Wine 2010
Evaluation of New Winegrape Varieties for the San Joaquin Valley 2010
Evaluation of Soil Salinity Conditions in Central Coast Vineyards 2010
Evaluation of Wine Grape Clones and Cultivars for the San Joaquin Valley 2010
Expanding Content of UC Integrated Viticulture Online (IV Website) 2010
Grapevine Canker Diseases in California 2010
Grapevine Leafroll Disease, a General Detail Study and Evaluation 2010
Identification of Factors that Influence the Level of Tannins and Polymeric Pigments in Grapes and Wines 2010
Identifying the Routes of Infection of Eutypa Dieback Among Vineyards, Orchards, and Riparian Areas in California 2010
Impact of Malolactic Fermentation on Red Wine Color 2010
Impacts of Early Season Fruit Zone Leaf Removal on Disease Control, Fruit Set, Vine Growth and Grape and Wine Quality of Pinot 2010
Improving Yield and Quality of Sauvignon Blanc 2010
Interactive Effects of Mechanical Canopy Management and Regulated Deficit Irrigation on Shiraz Grapevines 2010
Mealybug Pests and an Emerging Viral Disease: Temporal and Spatial Studies of Leafroll Disease and Mealybug Vectors 2010
Mealybug Pests and an Emerging Viral Disease: Vector Ecology and Their Role in Grape Leafroll Associated Virus Epidemiology 2010
Measuring Grapevine Transpiration Using Sap Flow Sensors: Validation / Calibration of a New Sap Flow Technique on Large Grapev 2010
Metabolic Profiling of Grape and Wine Aromas 2010
Modeling Grapevine Cold Hardiness as a Predictive, Site- and Cultivar-Specific Online Decision-Aid Tool for Vineyard Freeze Pro 2010
Molecular Genetic Support to Optimize the Breeding of Fanleaf Resistant Rootstocks 2010

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