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Article Name Year Funded
A Broad Nematode Screen to Evaluate Four Potential Nematode Resistant Rootstocks 1992
A Cover Crop System for Vineyard Pest, Weed and Nutrition Management 1992
Alternatives to Bentonite 1992
An Appraisal of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis and Tracking of Wine and Grape Components-Extension 1992
Breeding Grapevine Rootstocks for Resistance to Soil-Born Pests and Diseases 1992
Clonal Testing of Winegrapes in the San Joaquin Valley 1992
Control of Eutypa Dieback of Grapes 1992
Cultural Control of Phylloxera in Existing 1992
Ethyl Carbamate Formation by Malolactic Bacteria 1992
Evaluation of Winegrape Clones 1992
Factors Affecting Sugar Utilization and 1992
Field Evaluation of Winegrape Rootstocks 1992
Grapevine Fanleaf Virus - Detection and Distribution 1992
Identification of Powdery Mildew Races or Biotypes from Grapes and Their Control by Minimum Required Fungicide Doses 1992
Influence of Potassium Deficiency and Temporary 1992
Influence of rootstock and vine spacing on root distribution, vine growth, crop yield, fruit and wine composition, canopy micro 1992
Influence of Windbreaks on the Vegetative and Reproductive Growth 1992
Involvement of Viroids in Grapevine Diseases: Impact on Clonal Variation, Vine Performance, and Wine Quality 1992
Meristem Tip Culturing For The Elimination Of Grapevine Viruses 1992
Optimal Management of Lepidopteran Pests of Grapes 1992
Production of Antisera to Grapevine Viruses 1992
Reducing Bitterness In Wines. The effect of wine composition, sample evaluation method and salivary flow on sour 1992
Spiders in Vineyard Agro-ecosystems 1992
Spread and Control of Grape Phylloxera Biotype B 1992
The Effect of Application and Timing of Kryocide on Fluoride Levels in Wines 1992

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