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Article Name Year Funded
A broad Nematode Screen to Evaluate Four Potential Nematode Resistant Rootstocks 1994
A Cover Crop System for Vineyard Pest, Weed and Nutrition Management 1994
Alternatives to Bentonite 1994
Breeding grapevine rootstocks for resistance to soil-borne pests and diseases 1994
Characterize virulence and life cycles of new phylloxera strains 1994
Chemical Changes of Some Important Sulfur-Containing Compounds During Crushing, Fermentation and Storage 1994
Clonal Testing of Wine grapes in the San Joaquin Valley 1994
Control of Eutypa Dieback of Grapes 1994
Cultural Control of Phylloxera in 1994
Development of Methodologies for Rapid Detection 1994
Effect of Rootstocks on grapevine mineral nutrition in the Central Coast 1994
Evaluation of Microsprayers for Frost Protection in California Vineyards 1994
Evaluation of Root System Conversion 1994
Evaluation of winegrape clones 1994
Factors affecting bitterness, astringency and mouthfeel in wine 1994
Factors Affecting Sugar Utilization and 1994
Field Evaluation of Winegrape Rootstocks 1994
Identifying the Potential to Use Vineyard Water Status to Alter Anthocyanins and Other Phenolic Compounds in Red Winegrapes 1994
Improvements and Replacements for Pre-Plant Soil Fumigation 1994
Influence of rootstock and vine spacing on root distribution, vine growth, crop yield, fruit and wine composition, canopy micro 1994
Influence of Trellis-Training System and Rootstock on Optimum Spacing of Cabernet Sauvignon Vines Within Rows 1994
Influence of Vine Trellis Training Systems on Growth, Yield, Fruit Composition, and Eutypa Incidence of Cabernet Sauvignon Grap 1994
Markers for Potential Grape Juice Concentrate Browning 1994
New Parameters to Measure Ripeness 1994
Other Ethyl Carbamate Precursors 1994

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