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Article Name Year Funded
A Genetic Map of Vitis vinifera: A Foundation for Improving the Management of 1997
A Search for More Durable Resistance 1997
Adaptation of a Simple Assay to Measure Tannins in Grapes and Wines 1997
Aetiology, Epidemiology and Control of Measles 1997
Alternative Wine Grape Cultivars for the San Joaquin Valley 1997
Alternatives to Bentonite 1997
Characterization of Grapevine Latent Viruses 1997
Clonal Testing of Wine Grapes in the San Joaquin Valley 1997
Control of Ethyl Carbamate Formation in Wine from Arginine Degradation by 1997
Control of Eutypa Dieback of Grape 1997
Determining the Factors that Influence Disease Onset from Overwintering Powdery 1997
Development of a Spectrophotometry Assay for Arginine, a Precursor to Ethyl 1997
Development of Methodologies for Rapid Detection of Grapevine Viruses 1997
Development of New Rootstocks for use in Napa Valley Fanleaf Sites 1997
Dormancy Management Practices for Central Coast Wine Grape Vineyards 1997
Effects of Brettanomyces in Winemaking: Chemical, Microbiological and Sensorial 1997
Effects of Cold Temperatures on Pierce's disease 1997
Effects on Vertebrates of Riparian Woodland Management for Control of Pierce's 1997
Evaluation of Mechanical Thinning to Improve Composition of Wines from 1997
Evaluation of Merlot and Malbec Clones 1997
Evaluation of Trellis System and Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Wine Grape 1997
Examining Rootstocks and Vitis Species for Non-host Resistance to Pierce's Disease 1997
Factors Affecting Sugar Utilization and Rate of Fermentation During Vinification 1997
Field Evaluation of Winegrape Rootstocks 1997
Grape Phylloxera: Biology and Genetics of Rootstock Resistance and Cause of 1997

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