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Article Name Year Funded
Analysis of Saccharomyces During Normal and Problem Fermentations 2003
Biology, Epidemiology and Control of Cladosporium spp. on Pinot Noir 2003
Breeding rootstocks resistant to aggressive root-knot nematodes 2003
Capillary Electrophoresis/Mass Spectrometer Retrofit 2003
Characterization of the growth and flavor potential of strains of Oenococcus oeni in red and white winemaking 2003
Clonal Testing of Wine grapes in the San Joaquin Valley 2003
Comparison of Irrigation Management Strategies to Optimize Wine Grape Productivity and Fruit Composition 2003
Composition of Tannins Extracted into Red Wine Emphasizing the Relative Amount of Skin and Seed Tannin 2003
Correlation of Vineyard Atmometer Reference Evapotranspiration Measurements with Weather Station Evapotranspiration Measurement 2003
Development of Control Methods for Eutypa Dieback Disease 2003
Development of Grape Rootstocks with Broad and Durable Nematode Resistance 2003
Development of Molecular Detection Methodologies and Characterization of a New Virus Associated with Rootstock Stem Lesion 2003
Effects of Mycorrhizal Fungi on Grapevine Health 2003
Enhancement of Stress Tolerance in Vitis vinifera 2003
Epidemiology, Biology and Detection of Phaeoacremonium spp. And Phaeomoniella Chlamydospora Vine Decline (Black Measles or Esca 2003
Evaluation of capillary electrochromatography (CEC) for the analysis of carotenoids in grapes. 2003
Evaluation of Sierra Foothill Zinfandel Selections 2003
Evaluation of the Influence of Common Viticultural Practices on the Chemical and Sensory Characteristics of Wine 2003
Evaluation of Wine Grape Cultivars and Selections for a Cool Maritime Climate 2003
Evaluation of Zinfandel Heritage Selections 2003
Expression of Anti-Microbial Genes in Transgenic Grapevines for Enhanced Disease Resistance 2003
FTIR Spectrometer 2003
Genetic Diversity Among Brettanomyces Isolated From Wines 2003
Identification and Control of Cylindrocarpon Black-Foot Disease in California 2003
Identification of Factors that Influence the Level of Large and Small 2003

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