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Article Name Year Funded
A Determination of the Role of Fruit Maturity in the Sensory Properties of Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon Wines 2006
Accelerating the Development of Powdery Mildew Resistant Grapevines Through Marker Assisted Selection 2006
Application of a Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Commercial Vineyards to Map WineGrape Quality Prior to Harvest 2006
Biology and Management of Argentine Ants in California Vineyards 2006
Breeding Rootstocks Resistant to Root-knot Nematodes 2006
Characterization of Volatile Phenois and Related Enzyme Activity in Brettanomyces Wine Strains 2006
Construction of Low H2S Producing Strains of Wine Yeast 2006
Detection, Enumeration, Viability and Vitality of Strains of Lactobacillus and Pediococcus in Wine 2006
Development of a Low Density PCR Array (LDPA) for Detection of PAthagens in Grapevines 2006
Development of a National Expert System for Diagnosis of Grape Problems 2006
Development, Testing and Introduction of Grape Rootstocks with Broad & Durable Nematode Resistance 2006
Effect of Cluster Temperature on the Composition of Berries Grown Under Field Conditions 2006
Evaluation of a Quality Control Tool for Predicting the Distribution of 2,4,6 Trichloranisole (TCS) in Cork Populations and Bot 2006
Evaluation of Cabernet Sauvignon Clones: Heritage, French and Old California Sources 2006
Evaluation of New Winegrape Varieties for the San Joaquin Valley 2006
Evaluation of the Impacts of in-row Vineyard Floor Management Practices 2006
Evaluation of Wine Grape Cultivars & Clones for the San Joaquin Valley 2006
Expression of Anti-Microbial Genes in Transgenic Grapevines for Enhanced Disease Resistance 2006
Grapevine Canker Diseases 2006
Grpaevine Leafroll Associated Virus 2006
Identification of Factors that Influence the Level of Tannins and Polymeric Pigments in Grapes and Wines 2006
Improved Precision of Powdery Mildew Management 2006
Inception, Diagnosis and Consequences of the Berry Shrivel Disorder 2006
Investigations on a Necrotic Union Disorder of Pinot Noir/11OR Grapevines 2006
Metabolism of Dekkera/Brettanomyces Isolated from Wine 2006

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