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Article Name Year Funded
Amino acid levels and phenolic biosynthesis in skin and pulp of grape berries during ripening 2008
Analysis of Sulfide-Off Odors Produced During Sur Lie Aging 2008
Aquaporin-regulated response of grapevine roots to salinity 2008
Breeding rootstocks resistant to aggressive root-knot nematodes 2008
Clonal testing of winegrapes in the San Joaquin Valley 2008
Development of an Enology Outreach Program 2008
Development of Low Density PCR Array (LDA) for the Detection of Pathogens in Grapevines 2008
Etiology and Detection of the Cause of Syrah Decline in Syrah grapevine 2008
Evaluation of New Winegrape Varieties for the San Joaquin Valley 2008
Evaluation of the Impacts of In-row Vineyard Floor Management Practices on Soil and Water Erosion, Vine Growth and Productivity 2008
Grapevine Canker Diseases in California 2008
Impact of malolactic fermentation on red wine color 2008
Improving Yield and Quality of Sauvignon Blanc 2008
Inception, Diagnosis, and Consequences of the Berry Shrivel Disorder 2008
Influence of Soil Type and Changes in Soil Solution Chemistry During the Growing Season on Vine Growth Parameters and Grape and 2008
Mealybug transmission of grapevine leafroll-associated viruses 2008
Measuring vine transpiration using sap flow sensors: Validation/calibration of a new sap flow technique on large grapevines gro 2008
Metabolic Profiling of Grape and Wine Aromas 2008
Molecular genetic support to optimize the breeding of fanleaf resistant 2008
Oxidation of Wine: Control for Quality 2008
Production and Management of Aroma Compounds by Dekkera /Brettanomyces Isolated from Wine 2008
Quantification of microbial rot in wine grapes 2008
Revising the Gubler-Thomas Model for Powdery Mildew 2008
Rootstock Tolerance to Soil Salinity: Impact of Salinity on Popular Grape Rootstocks Grown in Contrasting Soil Types 2008
Search for, and Development of, Nematode Resistance in Grape Rootstocks 2008

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