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Article Name Year Funded
Adaptive Evolution of Commercial Wine Strains for Reduced Ethanol 2009
Aquaporin-regulated response of grapevine roots to salinity 2009
Conservation Tillage of Cover Crops as a Means of Improving Carbon Sequestration and Diminishing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Ca 2009
Development of an Enology Outreach Program 2009
Development of GC Olfactometry for the Analysis of Wines: Investigation of Sur Lie and Smoke Wine Taints 2009
Durable powdery mildew disease resistance in Vitis vinifera: proof-of-function and discovery of genetic variation 2009
Effect of leafroll disease on grapevine drought tolerance and cold hardiness 2009
Effect of wine closure oxygen permeability on volatile sulfur compounds in Pinot noir and Chardonnay wines during post-bottle a 2009
Epidemiology of Botryosphaeria spp. and the control of trunk diseases 2009
Etiology and Detection of the Cause of Syrah Decline in Syrah grapevine 2009
Grapevine Canker Diseases in California 2009
Identification of Factors that Influence the Level of Tannins and Polymeric 2009
Impact of malolactic fermentation on red wine color 2009
Interactive Effects of Mechanical Canopy Management and Reduced Deficit Irrigation on Shiraz Grapevines 2009
Mealybug pests and an emerging viral disease: Vector ecology and their role in grape leafroll associated virus epidemiology 2009
Measuring grapevine transpiration using sap flow sensors: Validation / calibration of a new sap flow technique on large grapevi 2009
Metabolic Basis of Differing Ethanol Yields in Saccharomyces 2009
Metabolic Profiling of Grape and Wine Aromas 2009
Molecular genetic support to optimize the breeding of fanleaf resistant rootstocks 2009
Oxidation of Wine: Control for Quality 2009
Production and Management of Aroma Compounds by 2009
Project title: Breeding rootstocks resistant to aggressive root-knot nematodes 2009
Quantification of Microbial Rot in Wine 2009
Reproductive biology of obscure, longtailed, and vine mealybugs and its possible effects on detection, sampling, and control of 2009
Revising the Gubler-Thomas Model for Powdery Mildew ? Adding Real Time PCR and a Revised High Temperature Threshold 2009

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