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Article Name Year Funded
Grapevine Leafroll Disease, A General Detail Study and Evaluation 2012
An Assessment of Wind Machine Performance for Vineyard Frost Protection 2012
Aquaporin-Regulated Response of Grapevine Roots to Salinity and Role in Inherent Differences Among Rootstocks 2012
Barrel Maturation, Oak Alternatives and Micro-Oxygenation: Influence on Red Wine Aging and Quality 2012
Bio-economic Analysis of Grape Leafroll Virus Epidemics in California 2012
Breeding Rootstocks Resistant to Aggressive Root-Knot Nematodes 2012
Cultural Practices to Modify Berry Physical Properties and Susceptibility to Cracking 2012
Detection of Brettanomyces, Zygosaccharomyces Bailii, Lactobacillus and Prediococcus in Wine Using Raman Spectroscopy 2012
Developing and Evaluating Social Networking Tools for Viticulture 2012
Development of Next Generation Rootstocks for California Vineyards 2012
Esca and Petri Disease: Identifying Sources of Vineyard Infections 2012
Evaluating the Role of Excess Levels of Nitrogenous Compounds, Including Amino Acids and Putrescine, in the Occurrence of Pinot 2012
Evaluation of New Winegrape Varieties for the San Joaquin Valley 2012
Improvement of Wine Quality: Tannin and Polymeric Pigment Chemistry 2012
Influence of Grape and Wine Production Practices on Tannin Extractability and Activity 2012
Judging Wine Quality 2012
Maintaining UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines for Grape ? 2012 2012
Mealybug Pests and an Emerging Viral Disease 2012
Mealybug Transmission of Grapevine Leafroll-Associated Virus 3 2012
Mealybug Vectors and Grapevine Leafroll disease: Temporal and Spatial Studies 2012
Metabolic Profiling of Grape and Wine Aromas 2012
Oxidation of Wine: Control for Quality 2012
Pairing Sensor Technology with Traditional Water Relations Parameters to Determine Mechanistic Differences Among Grapevine Cult 2012
Search for, and Development of, Nematode Resistance in Grape Rootstocks 2012
The Fate of Anthocyanins Under Warm Growing Conditions 2012

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