Current Funded Projects

Funding Summary for the American Vineyard Foundation Fiscal Year 2022-23

2022-2561 Al Rwahnih Maher Sudden Vine Collapse $54,400 UC Davis
2022-2739 Bartlett Megan Reducing Late-Season Berry Dehydration $65,100 UC Davis
2022-1685 Block Karen UC Davis V and E On the Road $46,600 UC Davis
2022-2718 Brillante Luca VRI Scheduling System $58,000 CSUF
2022-2607 Brillante Luca Grape Composition Sensing-2y $65,500 CSUF
2022-2595 Ebeler Susan Baseline Smoke-Taint Volatiles and Glycosides $100,900 UC Davis
2022-2689 Eskalen Akif Field Trials of Biocontrol for GTD $98,200 UC Davis
2022-2535 Fidelibus Matthew Online Guide to Grapevine Varieties and Rootstocks in the United States $37,200 UC Davis
2022-2722 Lazcano Cristina Soil Helath In Vineyards $80,700 UC Davis
2022-2704 Osborne James MLF Timing and Color $17,000 OSU
2022-2711 Qian Michael Raman for Smoke Exposure $67,400 OSU
2022-2690 Tian Tian Long-Term Rootstock Impacts on Vine Productivity $25,800 UCCE
2022-2694 Tomasino Elizabeth Smoke Taint Sensory Interactions $83,900 OSU
2022-2479 Tomasino Elizabeth Tropical Fruit Aroma in Wine $59,000 OSU
2022-2669 Westphal Andreas Nematode-Resistant Rootstocks $60,100 UC Riverside
2022-2366 Wildermuth Mary Grape Powdery Mildew Reduction $137,400 UC Berkeley
Total Funding: $1,057,200