Current Funded Projects

Funding Summary for the American Vineyard Foundation Fiscal Year 2023-24

2023-2561 Al Rwahnih Maher Sudden Vine Collapse $54,100 UC Davis
2023-2811 Bartlett Megan Water-Saving Scion Traits $63,100 UC Davis
2023-1685 Block Karen UC Davis Viticulture and Enology On the Road $50,100 UC Davis
2023-2718 Brillante Luca VRI Scheduling System $59,400 CSUF
2023-2746 Cooper Monica Community Resilience, Coordination and Collaboration for Red Blotch Disease $72,900 UC Coop Ext.
2023-2781 Diaz Garcia Luis Foundations for a Modern Grape Breeding Program $68,600 UC Davis
2023-2807 Ebeler Susan Baseline Smoke-Taint Volatiles and Glycosides $109,200 UC Davis
2023-2689 Eskalen Akif Field Trials of Biocontrol for GTD $107,500 UC Davis
2023-2796 McElrone Andrew Novel Wavelet IRT Method for Irrigation Management $99,000 UC Davis
2023-2711 Qian Michael Raman for Smoke Exposure $71,800 OSU
2023-2795 Siegel Justin Enzymatic Degradation of 4-Ethylphenol $68,400 UC Davis
2023-2766 Stergiopoulos Ioannis Updated Effectors Proposal $97,000 UC Davis
2023-2694 Tomasino Elizabeth Smoke Taint Sensory Interactions $81,700 OSU
2023-2366 Wildermuth Mary Spray-Induced Silencing of Grape PM Genes $139,800 UC Berkeley
2023-2758 Wilson Houston VCLH in the North Coast $36,400 UC Riverside
Total Funding: $1,179,000