A Genetic Map of Vitis vinifera: a Foundation for Improving the Management of

We continued to add markers to a genetic linkage map of Vitis vinifera. During the past year we added primarily microsatellite (SSR) markers. We have now mapped 216 markers (94 AFLP and 122 SSR) and an additional 91 markers have been analyzed but the linkage analysis is not yet complete. The mapped markers form 19 linkage groups, the number expected in grape. Several fruit and cluster characteristics have also been analyzed and they map to three of the 19 linkage groups. New SSR markers are being developed within the Vitis Microsatellite Consortium, 20 cooperating research groups in 11 countries. The genetic map being created will be a resource that can be used by many viticulture researchers. It will facilitate the isolation of individual grape genes so that we can learn how the genes work and how their functions are influenced by external factors, such as vineyard cultural practices.