Alternatives and Improvements to Soil Fumigation with Methyl Bromide

We have now reached the point where certain treatments are ready for field evaluation in certain field settings. Our research is now taking two directions. First, we need to continue small plot evaluations in our search for additional root killing agents of any kind. Second, we need to conduct field evaluations of combinations of the successful treatments listed above. These include:

  1. Use of Telone and Vapam drench through existing mirco sprinklers or drippers where resistant stocks are to be used or nematodes are not present.
  2. Use of Vapam at 100 to 150 gallons/acre where ectoparasites are the problem.
  3. Use of Urea drench followed by sudan grass where root kill has been accomplished by some other means. We are ready to do this in walnuts.
  4. Use of high rates of Vapam then waiting one year.
  5. Use of Garlon plus diesel painted to cut trunks in late summer after harvest.