An Integrated Approach to Understanding How Grapevine Root Systems Respond To and Recover From Drought Stress

With our first year of funding from CGRIC, we made significant progress on this project and exciting new discoveries about grapevine fine root responses to drought that shed light on the differences among genotypes/rootstocks. The start date of the project was delayed by ~12months while we waited for the funds to become available, thus we couldn’t justify submitting a renewal in January 2016 for additional funds. We are now submitting a renewal to continue these efforts, which will cover the costs for the second year of the project. Our labs are continuing to work together closely on this and other related projects. In addition to the experimental results described below, we have collected and begun analyzing suberin responses using flurol yellow staining for the following 16 rootstocks/genotypes from a drought experiment run by Dr. Kevin Fort (Walker Lab)