Chiral Terpenes – Quantitation, Threshold Determination and Sensory Impact on Aromatic White Wines

Objective 1 – Development of methodology using multi-dimensional gas chromatography-mass spectrometery to measure chiral terpenes (limonene, linalool, citronellol, α-terpineol and α-pinene) in aromatic white wines.  

Since September 2013 method development has been ongoing. Specifically chemical synthesis of dueterated-limonene and α-pinene has been conducted. Synthesis of d2-α-pinene was successful. D2-limonene is proving more problematic and this synthesis is ongoing. These deuterated compounds are used for internal standards, and more accurate measurements are achieved when the internal standards have similar structure to the target compounds. Preliminary work has shown that the internal standards that can be purchased do not work well for limonene and pinene, therefore we are attempting chemical synthesis of these compounds. For all other compounds and standards have been composed into a working standard for the method and method development is ongoing. At the present time, method development is proceeding on schedule and is anticipated to finish the end of February.

Additional wines have been collected over the last few months to build up a substantial collection of aromatic white wines from regions around the globe. Areas in which aromatic white wines have been obtained include Washington, Oregon, New York, California, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Austria and Italy.

Objective 2 –  Once quantitation of enantiomers is achieved the impact of the enantiomers will be investigated through a series of sensory testsThis objective is slated to begin during Spring/summer 2014.