Developing an Approach to Share Monitoring Data to Advance Coordinated Disease Management Efforts Among Grape Growers

Our objective is to provide technical support for data sharing among members of regional groups to advance coordinated disease management efforts. In this first of a proposed 2-year project, we conducted the following activities in support of that objective: (1) We investigated potential data sharing platforms and identified one that embodied many of the factors under consideration, including low cost, a simple user interface and robust sharing potential. (2) We worked with a grower group to implement this platform to share regional pest incidence data. (3) We collected intermittent and formal feedback on the functionality of the data-sharing platform. This feedback will be used to augment the data sharing protocol in year 2. (4) We processed historical data collected by a grower group and conducted a preliminary visualization and analysis to facilitate the translation of data into meaningful and actionable results. We intend to continue this analysis in the 2nd project year. (5) We engaged members of the regional groups to provide technical support for data-sharing platforms, share results of data animation and visualization, and are building potential for this approach to become self-sustaining.