Developing approaches to share, visualize, and model monitoring data to advance coordinated disease management efforts among grape growers

Our project goal is to support network-based learning to improve pest and disease management outcomes. We accomplished this by providing technical expertise for data sharing among members of regional groups. Specifically, we: (1) investigated potential data sharing platforms and identified one that embodied many of the factors under consideration, including low cost, a simple user interface and robust sharing potential; (2) implemented this platform to share regional pest incidence data; (3) collected intermittent and formal feedback on the functionality of the data-sharing platform; (4) processed historical data collected by two regional groups and translated these data into meaningful and actionable management guidelines; (5) collected regional powdery mildew inoculum data that will be used to develop decision-support tools; (6) engaged members of the regional groups to provide technical support for data-sharing platforms, share results of data animation and visualization, and build potential for this approach to become self-sustaining.