Developing solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence as a ground-based and remotely-sensed physiological indicator of grapevine stress

Upon having access to the funds, we initiated work in June 2019 and plan to build off of these findings to continue efforts and analysis in 2020-2021. We conducted a dry down experiment on potted grapevines to evaluate the relationship between active and passive (i.e. ground based equivalent of SIF) fluorescence and used this experiment system to test modification to a gas exchange system for comparing active and passive fluorescence while simultaneously measuring gas exchange. We also utilized existing field installations, specifically at the Ripperdan GRAPEX-Grape Remote sensing and Atmospheric Profiling and Evapotranspiration eXperiment site, which contains a variable rate irrigation system where water can be delivered down to 30m by 30m pixels and contains 4 treatments (two stressed and two well-watered) for comparison of active and passive fluorescence responses of grapevines under stress conditions.