Enhancements to the National Grape Registry (NGR) Website

In 2010, FPS staff managed a solid start in this multi-year project to photograph significant representative plant parts (leaves, shoot tips and clusters) of the grapevine cultivars and clones on the National Grape Registry website. Photographic images of at least one plant part (leaves or shoot tips) were taken of 191 of the 900+ NGR cultivars. Photographs were taken of clusters and berries from 97 of the 1200 clones on the NGR site. Post-production processing of the 2010 images is still in progress, although preliminary images for some of the cultivars and clones has been posted on the NGR for viewing by the OWB and other industry members who are interested in this project. The next significant step is for Dr. Andy Walker to review the 2010 images for accuracy in depiction of cultivars and clones. The images that do not pass scrutiny will be rescheduled for new photographs should the project be granted funding in the 2011-2012 cycle. The portion of the project related to description of the grape clones that are in the pipeline at Foundation Plant Services is complete. The pipeline plant material includes new cultivars and clones that are still in the testing and disease treatment phase at FPS. Clonal profiles for 371 of these FPS selections (along with many associated varietal profiles) are now included on the NGR website under the tab entitled ?Vines in Progress?. These profiles inform the grape industry of cultivars and clones that will soon be released to increase the diversity of grapevine material available in the United States.