Evaluation of Trellis Training Systems and Subsurface

The 1995 season represents the initial year of data collection for this project. Irrigation method had little effect on vine performance or fruit composition in 1995. Above ground and subsurface drip irrigation performed in a similar manner for yield and quality parameters. However, some differences were noted in the management of these irrigation systems. Use of subsurface drip irrigation allowed for reduced application of herbicides. One application of glyphosate to perennial weeds could be avoided because berms were dry. Conversely, use of subsurface drip irrigation required increased efforts for control of gophers. Significant trellis/training system effects were observed in 1995. Yields were highest for divided canopy systems and minimal pruning. Increased yield resulted from higher numbers of clusters per vine. There was an inverse relationship between yield and berry and cluster weight. Fruit maturation was delayed significantly for the trellis/training systems which had the highest yields.