Field Evaluation of Potential Methyl Bromide Replacements for Grape Growers

As outlined in a text about to be released “The Replant Problem and its Management” there are only a few choices for grape growers once methyl bromide is no longer available. The best alternative is Telone applied deep followed by a one to two inch drenching of water containing Vapam. This treatment is performing well in a Gilroy site and we are making demonstration equipment that will facilitate such treatments. In a Caruthers site a Vapam drench via existing dripper system followed by planting of rootstocks having rather broad nematode protection is now in its second year without problems. We have not yet had the opportunity to treat with emulsified Telone (with or without chloropicrin) except at the field station in nursery settings. There it has performed very well. In a site originated by Michael Costello the differences in five rootstocks are dramatic but so is the value of MB relative to the return rate of ring and root knot nematodes. A similar separation between fumigated and non fumigated is occurring at the Gilroy site.