Interactions Between Nitrogen and Vitamins on Fermentation Rate and H2S Production by Saccharomyces

Sluggish fermentation and hydrogen sulfide production are currently serious problems facing the wine industry. Besides nitrogen deficiency, a lack of certain vitamins such as thiamine and pyridoxine, can also impact H2S formation, coenzymes involved in yeast metabolism, play an important role in sulfur production. A comprehensive and systematic research approach was conducted to determine how nitrogen and vitamins (thiamine and pyridoxine) influences yeast growth rate, fermentation rate, and hydrogen sulfide production. Synthetic grape juice based on the amino acid composition of Cabernet Sauvignon grape must was used for fermentation was inoculated with Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain Montrachet (UCD 522). Fermentation rate (decrease in soluble solids), yeast viability, and H2S production were all affected by the availability of nitrogen and these vitamins.