Online Guide to Grapevine Varieties and Rootstocks in the United States

A webpage called Grape Varieties in the USA ( was developed with original information on some raisin, table, wine, and multi-use grapes. The website contains original descriptions, pictures, and data of various varieties, listed in alphabetical order of their variety names. Varieties can also be sorted by certain key attributes with the aid of pull-down menus. Sorting is additive, so one or more attributes can be used in a given search. Users can also select from keywords that variety description authors or editors have assigned to each variety, and there is also a search window in which users can supply their own search terms. By mid-January there were 20 article descriptions published on the site, written by four different authors, and several other descriptions are in preparation. Raisin varieties include all commercially significant Thompson-type raisin grapes currently grown in the USA. Table varieties include all those suggested by the California Table Grape Commission. Wine varieties include some of the best performing Vitis vinifera varieties from trials conducted at the Kearney Agricultural Center, and disease-resistant varieties contributed from colleagues in southern states. Descriptions in preparation include other lesser-known wine varieties that performed well in California variety trials.