Red Wine Tannin Interaction with Polysaccharides

The objectives of this proposal are to do the following:

I. Determine variation in tannin activity as a function of polysaccharides structure from yeast and/or grape in red wine.

II. Relate the polysaccharide-tannin interaction variation to the wine mouthfeel.

In a companion project funded by the Agricultural Research Institute (California State University research initiative)

III. Improve the understanding of tannin-polysaccharide interactions consequences on red wine stability.

These objectives are consistent with the highest priority research objective as outlined by the American Vineyard Foundation.
The overall purpose of this proposal is to determine the role of polysaccharides from yeast and/or grape in finished red wine on tannin structure and activity. In combination, competitive interactions between tannins and proteins or polysaccharides will be elucidated by spectrophotometry after variation of matrix parameters, so that an elaboration of a functioning interactions model can be made.