Second Joint Burgundy-California-Oregon Winemaking Symposium

The 2nd Joint Burgundy-California-Oregon Winemaking Symposium (RAVE 99) was successfully held in February 1999 at UC Davis. Approximately 400 winemakers attended the symposium that featured twenty-six presentations by eight Burgundian winemakers, eight Burgundian scientists, five California winemakers and five scientists. The symposium included twelve separate tastings for the audience, as well as a speaker reception at the International House with the Dean of the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. 90-page proceedings including a downloadable electronic version were prepared for the symposium. For the Burgundian delegation, two and a half days of guided visits to California North Coast wineries and vineyards were organized. The symposium was prominently featured in a number of publications including local, trade and consumer press, and a special report including an interview with the principal investigator was broadcast on public television. A new benevolent relationship with the leading vintners and scientists in Burgundy was established that will continue in upcoming years. The binational exchange contributes to the international reputation and competitiveness of California wine.