The Potential Health Benefits of Phenolic Wine Constituents

Our success in completing the many goals of this research project has been very good, and in most cases reports have been finished or are in preparation. We have finished the analysis of antioxidant activity in commercial wines, and that data has been written up, submitted for publication and already accepted to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (goal 2). The data on the phenolic chemical analysis of a larger set of wines (goal 1) has been collected and a manuscript has been drafted?the manuscript needs editing before submission to a journal. We have finished the antioxidant testing of wine fractions and specific wine phenolics (goal 3), and a manuscript describing the results has been submitted to a journal. The study of the effects of winemaking treatments on phenolics and antioxidant content has now been largely completed, and a report of the results will be drafted during the summer (goal 4). Studies on the basic chemical properties of antioxidants (focusing on resveratrol) have been completed and a journal manuscript has been drafted (goal 5).