Virus Effects on Fruit and Wine Quality of Cabernet Sauvignon on Six Rootstocks

This has been the first year of the vineyard establishment phase of the project. Budwood and rootstock was collected, PCR-tested, and benchgrafting is planned for April, 2001. Budwood of virus-infected and healthy Cabernet Sauvignon – 05 was collected from the Davis Grapevine Virus Collection and Foundation Plant Materials Service. Budwood mother plants were PCR tested for 13 viruses. Cuttings of the following six rootstocks were collected and rooted: Corderc 3309, Kober 5BB, Paulsen 1103, Ritcher 110, Millardet et de Grasset 101-14, and Rupestris St. George. In summer, 2001, the vineyard will be established at the UC Oakville Experimental Vineyard in Napa Valley, California. Initial yield and fruit data is first expected about 2004.