The American Vineyard Foundation Provides $1.2 Million Annual Funding for Wine and Grape Research in 2020

The American Vineyard Foundation (AVF) is pleased to announce new funding for nineteen projects addressing critical viticulture and enology research needs.   The AVF relies on voluntary industry contributions to support ongoing research and to provide funding for new high priority projects.  “We’ve proudly maintained a significant level of research funding thanks to the ongoing generosity from our community of supporters,” AVF Chairman Tony Stephen was grateful to report.

The AVF received 85 proposals for grant consideration covering diverse topics from “Soil Health in Vineyards” and “Controlling Grapevine Trunk Diseases in California” to “Smoke Assessment in Grapes and Wine.” Each proposal was evaluated by one of the five AVF review committees for scientific merit, the ability to accomplish stated objectives and to deliver value to the industry.

AVF review panel members gather annually to determine final funding recommendations after in-depth discussion and examination of proposals.  This year our panels had to shift last minute to remote sessions.  Considering the size of our review teams and increased proposal counts, we’d like to commend everyone for their inspiring participation, flexibility and thoughtful contributions to accomplish this involved process online.  We’d also like to recognize Kris Lowe, who has managed the AVF proposal review process for seven years, for her exceptional job conducting the meetings under this new and unforeseen format.

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About the American Vineyard Foundation – The American Vineyard Foundation (AVF) is a California corporation organized in 1978 by the American Society of Enology and Viticulture as a vehicle to raise funds for research in viticulture and enology. Basic and applied research has made the American grape and wine industry the world’s leader. The AVF provides a unique opportunity to unify the industry through an industry-wide research effort to maintain this progress. For more information visit